How to Build on Emotional Intelligence


This post is the last one of this series.

In the first post, I defined Emotional Intelligence.

In the second, I listed the 5 Key Components of Emotional Intelligence and talked about the first component, Self-Perception, and its 3 sub components – Self Regard, Self Actualization and Emotional Self Awareness.

In the third post, I discussed about the second component – Self Expression, it’s sub components – Emotional Expression, Assertiveness & Independence, and the third component – Interpersonal, along with it sub components – Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy and Social Responsibility.

In the fourth, I discussed about the last two components – Decision Making along with it sub components Problem Solving, Reality Testing & Impulse Control and Stress Management along with it sub components Flexibility, Stress Tolerance and Optimism.

As mentioned in previous posts, the model that I’m walking you through is based on EQi2.0 by Canada based Multi Health Systems Inc.

self perception in emotional intelligence

In this post, we will explore the relevance of Emotional Intelligence and how to build on this skill.

Historically, many cultures from the East believed that there is a direct connection between our body and various emotions that we go through. We even get to see the same in many movies – when a particular character goes through a severe emotion, that individual’s health gets impacted. While it may seem melodramatic, I would say it’s not far from reality.

Many ancient forms medicine, like Ayurveda and Homeopathy, also focus on working with the emotions of the patients while curing their physical ailments. It’s very common to find people who go through a lot of stress have issues with premature greying of hair or wrinkled skin or fall sick often. On the other hand, joyful people often are blessed with a strong immune system.

The modern medical research is uncovering proof of the linkages between our emotions and their impact on our health. The below table shows how various emotions impact us based on one such research.

All these findings are just substantiating the age-old wisdom that most of our elders possessed.

how to build emotional intelligence

In addition to helping on a personal front, upon close observation, various components of the Emotional Intelligence also help in professional growth. In the comments section below, can you list down which components of Emotional Intelligence are helpful professionally and how?

Building on Emotional Intelligence

Like any skill, Emotional Intelligence can also be improved. I’ll list down a simple 6-step process to improve it. You can either follow this process or seek a professional support to improve your Emotional Intelligence

  1. Measure – You may either self-assess or seek professional help in measuring your Emotional Intelligence
  2. Awareness – Knowing the areas to improve upon and identify the action plan
  3. Triggers – Identify the triggers that are challenging you and ensuring that you don’t fall in those traps
  4. Words – Be careful in the choice of your words. For example, if someone in your team comes to you and says “this task is very difficult”, you can either say “it doesn’t matter, you have to finish it” OR, “let’s discuss the challenges and how I can help”.
  5. Empathy – This is one of the most important skills. The more you practice this, the better you get.
  6. Positivity – Being positive and grateful play a very important role in improving your EI.

Emotional Intelligence has various models. Do not forget that these models only help you in measuring your Emotional Intelligence. The only way you can strengthen your Emotional Intelligence is by practice.

Feel free to share your experiences with Emotional Intelligence.


(Aditya Kuchibhotla is a Career Coach and a Life Coach helping people with their personal and professional aspects. You can reach out to him on his website

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