1. Activate Service

The organization signs up for the service. All employees are provided access to the k:lib library platform and mobile apps. Employees can sign-on with SSO or password set through a secure activation link.

2. Login and Order

Once activated, users can login to the portal and access FREE content as well as order books and magazines to be delivered to their office locations anywhere in India. 

3. Delivery

Ordered books are delivered to designated locations within 1 working day* or agreed SLA with the organization. 

4. Return

When users are done reading the book, they can return the book to conveniently placed drop-boxes at their office locations. Indicating that books have been returned on the platform will let them borrow the next book. 

5. Pickup

Our delivery associates come and pickup all the books from the drop-boxes at designated times. Users will receive a return confirmation for books that have been dropped off.