We understand B2B

We have been around for more than a decade, we serve over 350 companies across 18 sectors from Manufacturing to Banking and new age technology companies of all hues and sizes.  

We have focussed only on B2B since our inception and have developed deep expertise in meeting the requirements of our clients.

We are known for our impeccable delivery and customer service and oh yes, we have processed over 2 Million book orders till date. 

No hidden Costs

k:lib gives you an easy single price model which is absolutely transparent. There are no hidden costs, no add on charges and no top-up charges. 

When compared to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of maintaining a comparable in-house library, over the long term k:lib delivers unquestionable ROI.  

Our unmatched supply chain and delivery excellence ensures that there is no additional burden on your technology or support staff,  there is minimal investment of time and energy in ongoing operations from the HR/Learning and Development teams which are all hidden costs in running this initiative inhouse or with inexperienced vendors.

Huge inventory of books

We have been building our inventory over the last decade by continuously adding books that are best sellers and through recommendations of users, avid readers, domain experts, industry leaders, CXO’s and of course librarians. 

Today we provide our users access to over 50k titles across 40+ categories. Personal, Professional, Technical books – you name it, we have it. And when you are done with learning and just need to unwind by reading a story to your little one – we have that too. 

Pan India Delivery

Companies aren’t just located in a single city and we get it. We deliver to your offices wherever they are in India.

It doesn’t matter if you are a finance major with offices in just Mumbai or a manufacturing major with your HQ in Delhi and plant sites in Vizag.

We got you covered so everyone can keep on learning.

Learning ripple effect

When you enable learning and create a culture of reading in the organization, the impact extends far beyond just your employees. 

The knowledge gained gets amplified as it gets passed on to everyone whom your employees come in contact with – vendor partners, family members, the community and finally the entire nation.