A Wonderful Journey… And Many Miles to Go

largest corporate library in India with books, ebooks, podcasts and videos

Over a decade ago, k:lib (formerly Kwench) brought a paradigm shift to the concept of conventional corporate libraries by enabling companies to provide their employees access to thousands of books across 40+ categories without the hassles of administration effort and savings on space, people, process and technology costs. Kwench was founded by four alumni from IIM (Ahmedabad), who shared a passion for reading. The founders spotted the opportunity for a library outsourcing solution based on their personal experience of not finding well managed corporate libraries even at their reputable workplaces. With a unique combination of a user-friendly online virtual platform and an efficient physical delivery mechanism, we have helped over 500K users across 350+ corporates rediscover the joy and benefits of reading.

The Journey So Far

Having serviced over 2 million orders since inception, k:lib, has enabled companies to engage their employees better and aid in their professional and personal development. Our clients routinely feature in the Top 50 Great Places to Work list. Some of the salient features of our journey so far have been:

  • Professional & Personal Development: Employees can access large collection of books, magazines, journals, audiobooks, and regional language books to meet their professional and personal development needs. Access to 40+ categories ranging from Accounting, Finance, Management, Self-help to Hobbies, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Parenting, Stress Management.
  • Convenience: The cloud-based platform combined with physical warehouses and delivery capabilities across India brings unparalleled convenience to the employees by bringing the service right to their desks.
  • Hassle-free processes: Our easy to implement platform combined with a unique and non-intrusive process of delivery and retrieval of books creates a hassle-free experience for the engagement teams in companies.
  • High Return on Investment: Our unique pay-per-license model along with the savings on space, people, process, and technology costs helps companies to achieve a significantly higher return on their library initiatives.

What the Future Holds

With the acquisition of the Kwench library business by k:lib, the company is set to embark on the second decade of its existence with renewed vigour and commitment. With our philosophy of Learn Engage  Transform, we intend to deepen our impact further on our users. In addition to the core library services, our clients can now expect to see more focus in the following areas:

  • Guest articles: Experts in various fields would be contributing exclusive articles to k:lib on a variety of topics thus enhancing the bouquet of our online content.
  • Author connect sessions: Clients can now host authors for interactions with users, providing insights into the minds of those who create these books.
  • Client engagement specialists: Our team of engagement specialists will work with clients to deepen the usage of the platform among employees through various campaigns and initiatives.

We are excited about the next decade of our journey which is grounded in the success we have seen so far and the learnings we have had. We hope you are as excited as we are, as we embark on the next phase of innovation and engagement.

Check out our vast storehouse of resources to enhance your learning and make you smarter, faster, and better at work here.

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