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Every organization strives to engage its employees in meaningful ways. One of them could be gifting joy of reading through a physical library which works like an ideal foil amongst many digital initiatives.

The physical library facilitates active learning and reading opportunities for avid readers who love the feel of surfing through a physical collection of books and soaking into the experience. Many studies have pointed out how it can help hone your mental wellness and reduce stress by immersing yourself in the book-reading experience.

What it takes to run an efficient library for your employees

  • Collection of relevant books across genres
  • Tracking of new arrivals
  • Order additional books in high circulation
  • Manage physical library space
  • Drive engagement of users by keeping them updated

It needs dedicated financial and management bandwidth to have a functional library. Assuming you can sort all pieces of the puzzle, you are all set with your in-house library.

Just in case it’s not your core priority to run a library due to the exhaustive nature of the activity and you still love to give the gift of reading to your colleagues, happy to share how klib can help facilitate the same through Library as a Service” with our LaaS platform

What’s klib all about

klib is your library adda, and you can subscribe to the services and gift the joy of reading a physical book facilitated through an intuitive digital platform. All it takes is to subscribe to our services, sign up, like hundreds of other organizations who are onboarded on our platform, and give your employees the joy of reading a physical book. 

An employee has secure access to the platform gives an experience of browsing thousands of books across categories and reading the physical book. Once he finishes reading the book, you can return and order a new book.

Quality content to cultivate the habit of reading is accessible to your employees onboarded to the platform, whilst based on subscribed licenses employees can borrow the physical book.

E.g., You subscribe to 100 licenses for 1000 employees, at any point, 100 employees can borrow a book; all the 1000 employees have access to the platform, which will keep them in the zone of reading.

lib is much more! Library ++

  • Location agnostic! With multiple office locations, only a few employees can beneficially access an in-house physical library. Every employee who has enrolled in the klib service has equal access.
  • Enhancing engagement with sharp and targeted content related to books on fortnightly basis thereby sustaining interest and spreading the Joy of reading.
  • Curated interesting digital snippets (5 minute reads about books) thereby triggering employee curiosity to read books
  • Live sessions by bringing interesting themes around books and making them exciting both for avid and aspiring readers.
  • Friendly platform to HR and L&D to track various metrics like license utilization and thereby plan interventions to drive engagement.

How klib will support clients?

Each client is assigned a friendly focal, and backup focal point which helps manage the entire initiative for the HR Team, and our helpdesk resolves all users’ issues within 48 hours. We fully support end users and initiative champions with our support.

Why Trust klib

We have been in business for more than a decade, serving hundreds of corporates across Investment Banking, Consulting majors, Manufacturing, Banking IT, ITES, FMCG etc. delivered more than 2 million orders to dates, and managed more than 3 lakh users with a flawless experience both to end users and corporates driving the initiative.

Our product offering has been refined over several years of managing the expectations of corporates (HR and L&D teams) and end users(employees). We continuously refine and keep evolving to provide outstanding service to corporate employees.

Our platform had gone through rigorous validation and has passed through critical data privacy reviews of major clients before they signed up with klib, which signals the robustness of our IT platform.

What it Costs?

klib’s annual subscription costs a fraction of what you spend to run a physical library; klib provides library ++, books, experiences, and a robust platform to manage the initiative. Hoping to see you as our client and delight you with our service.

Please send us your interest through our enquiry form, and we are confident we will find the right solution. Be rest assured to send an obligation-free enquiry experience for a demo of our platform.

If this appeals, send your
enquiry we will call you within 24 hours. We can also be reached at

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